Who are we?

Sharon Patterson - President


Sharon has been diving since 2000 and is in love with the underwater world! Ever since her first breath underwater, SCUBA diving is her passion and her world! In 2016 she reached the PADI Master Instructor rating which is a great accomplishment in her professional SCUBA career!

As a co-founder of Warhorse SCUBA, Sharon is honored to share her love for a sport that has brought so much joy and excitement into her life, and hopes to see you all underwater soon!

Lorie Guzman - Vice President


Lorie has been deeply immersed in the military life for the past 18 year. She has a passion for helping serice members, veterans and their families. As a military spouse of 18 years, she has played many roles while actively engaged in the military community. These include working as a civilian on the Battlefield training deploying soldiers and airman, working at on-post housing for Joint Base McGuire – Dix – Lakehurst and is the treasurer for a unit of the NJNG FRG. She has had the experience of multiple spousal deployments.

Lorie is a PADI Assistant Instructor and is excited to be able to introduce our combat veterans to the amazing underwater world that SCUBA provides.


Kayla Schleich - Secretary


Kayla has been diving since she was sixteen years old! Ever since her first breath underwater she has been mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean. She is an advocate for the humane treatment of our oceans and our friends in it! Especially sharks!

Kayla is also a member of the New Jersey Army National Guard.

Matt Breslin - Fundraising Director & Chair Liason for First Responders


Matt has been diving since 2012. In 2016 he started the “Sea Girt Wreck Identification Project”, and is involved in numerous shipwreck identification projects, including Stockton Universities “Mullica River Wreck Project.” As a member of the Explorers Club, he is passionate about exploring and identifying shipwrecks off our coast.

Matt is a PADI Assistant Instructor and is excited for the opportunity to support his countries heroes by sharing his love of SCUBA!

Al Siracusa - Treasurer/ Aquatics Director


Al has been diving since 2018.  Starting with his first underwater experience, he developed a love for SCUBA that continues to grow through diving locally in New Jersey, taking advanced PADI classes and SCUBA diving around the world with friends and family. Al began volunteering with Warhorse SCUBA in 2022 and accepted the role on the Executive Board in 2023.  He is grateful for the opportunity to work with Veterans to introduce them to the thrill and beauty of underwater exploration.

Al is a PADI Professional who works for Diver’s Two in Avon, NJ, as an Assistant Instructor.

Adam Motto - Business Director


Adam had accumulated almost as much time underwater as on solid ground. With over thirty years of diving experience all over the world he will still tell everyone that his favorite place to dive is New Jersey. Adam has also worked as a Fire fighter & public safety diver performing search and recovery, along with being an assistant dive instructor for almost twenty years. He has been known to hijack dinner conversations talking about his favorite wreck dives off the Jersey coast. He has a passion for teaching others the world of scuba and instilling the confidence to dive safely.

Julia Rice - Social Outreach Director


Julia’s first experience with SCUBA which was when she fell in love with the sport, was when her dad held a pony bottle in the shallow end of her pool and let her breathe underwater when she was just five years old. Now Julia has been certified since 2020, and has reached her PADI Divemaster certification!

Julia has a passion for helping to encourage others to dive, and loves to see how Warhorse SCUBA can help the veterans and first responders that are involved!

Michael J Drybread - Veteran Outreach


Michael began his passion for scuba as a Warhorse SCUBA recipient and is excited in sharing the therapeutic benefits of scuba with other fellow combat veterans. Michael is also an avid triathlete and enjoys swimming, running marathons and mountain biking. In 2021, he completed his first Ironman (140.6) in Lake Placid, NY.

Michael joined the Army in 1999 and was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany for three (3) years as a combat engineer. Michael then enlisted in the National Guard as a Military Police Officer where he was deployed to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom in detainee operations, transporting detainees throughout the country.


Michael is currently employed for the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) as a Correctional Police Officer and is an Academy Instructor at the Correctional Staff Training Academy located in Sea Girt, NJ.  As a Master Resiliency Officer for NJDOC, he is passionate in helping fellow law enforcement officers balance the stress of work and home.

John Gannaio - President 2017-2021

When John was 16 years old he was blessed to experience his first breaths underwater in the Bahamas, ever since that moment John was hooked. After returning home to New Jersey, John earned his Open Water SCUBA diver certification.

Once John graduated from high school, he enlisted in the military and spent a total of 13 years in the Army and Air Force on active duty, reserve, and national guard status. He deployed serveral times for multiple operations including: Operation Inherent Resolve, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom, and participated in multiple joint task force operations. Between deployments, he found peace while continuing to SCUBA dive and gain additional certifications. In October 2016, John decided to take the plunge and become an instructor, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

While John decided to seperate from the service in December of 2016, he remains committed to his country, communit and fellow veterans.

Sean Cervone - Treasurer 2017-2021

Sean is a dedicated environmentalist who has been diving pro since 2014. His passion for the marine enviornment has brought him all over the globe from Carribean hotspots, to the exotic Galapagos islands. As a graduate from Monmouth University’s Psycology program, his focus has been in marine alternative therapy.

As an Assistant Instructor with PADI, he is able to spread his love for SCUBA with others and gets pleasure in facilitating their introduction to the underwater realm.