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“We saw dramatic changes in a matter of days in a number of people with spinal cord injuries why went scuba diving,” Becker says. “This is just a pilot study, but to see such a restoration of neurological function and significant improvement in PTSD symptoms over such a short period of time was unprecedented… But the most striking psychological impact was seen in PTSD symptoms, which decreased, on average by eighty percent in those veterans who went diving.” Read more

“Treatment had always been someone telling me I was dysfunctional, and giving me a bunch of pills. I became more withdrawn to the point where I was considering ending it all,” said Mr. Hillard, a former United States Army Sergeant. He repeatedly dropped out of care, and found nothing that really helped until he tried scuba diving. “As soon as I was underwater, everything went quiet. Seeing the fish, hearing the ocean – there is a complete innocence about it. There are no bad memories in the water. Everything just wants to live, and it made me want to live again.” Read more




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