• “Imagine walking around with 10 different radio stations going on in your head. Everywhere you turn its just uncontrollable and unwanted noise. Add fear, lack of sleep, nightmare, rage, depression, anxiety and a need to consume alcohol or an illegal substance and you have a glimpse of what some veterans experience daily. My first time diving with Warhorse Scuba was at the bottom of a pool. When I sat there on the bottom of the pool looking up… I heard no radio. I felt no weight on my back. It was silent. It was clear I was free… They provide our nations heroes some much needed mental silence. We need more groups like Warhorse SCUBA.” –USMC Veteran Dennis Addesso
  • “First, I want to thank Warhorse Scuba for helping out the veterans. Staff members take their job seriously and enjoy teaching others how to SCUBA dive and also they make the class enjoyable. Veterans or active military should take this opportunity and try it out. Thank you!” -US Army Veteran Lawrence Chang
  • This organization truly saved my life, I was struggling with alot in life and just unable to find balance and a way to deal with the stress. Scuba diving brought me back and gave me the ability to live my life again. It also gave me a new family and freidns to count on much like I had in the Marines. John, Sharon, and Kayla are absolutley fantastic instructors who go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and truly enjoy teaching you the beauty of scuba diving! Come out and do a try a dive, it may save your life too!” -USMC Veteran Thomas Kiselow.
  • “Warhorse SCUBA is an amazing organization dedicated to helping combat veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI by using aquatic therapy. Their staff members are professional dive instructors who love to share their passion for SCUBA diving with everyone. As a combat veteran who has had the opportunity to take advantage of this program, I have benefittted immesnely. I not only gained new skills to help deal with PTSD, but I have also gained friends and family…. my SCUBA family! Even after the training and certification have long been completed, the staff still reaches out regularly to check up on me and invite everyone to get together for events and some fun and exciting trips to keep everyones skills sharp throughout the year. These connections build a strong bond within the groups which forms a close knit support group that we like to call our SCUBA family. If you are a combat veteran and think this program is for you, I highly reommend reaching out to them to schedule a Try A Dive. Sharon, John and the Warhorse SCUBA Staff are amazing people and would love to introduce you to the wonderful world of SCUBA! Thank you Warhorse for all that you do and thank you Joe (Divers Two) for all of your support!” -US Army Veteran Danny Guzman
  • “Warhorse SCUBA is an awesome organization. I would like to thank Joe (Divers Two) for linking me up with John, Sharon and Kayla. They are great people as well as great instructors who introduced me to the world of scuba diving. As an Army Veteran, and going through life issues after my tours of duty, I never knew that diving would be so peaceful and therapeutic. Thank you Warhorse SCUBA family for opening your doors to me, training me and letting me be apart of the family/team. My family thanks you as well!” -US Army Veteran Daniel Lewis
  • “There are no words to describe the feeling of scuba diving. Once I got over the initial “hey, am I breathing underwater?!” I got comfortable with it. I really wanted to stay in longer. When all was done, I felt such a rush that cannot be described. Thank you all for opportunity. I only can hope that I am able to give back once I am certified.” -Veteran Leo Magee
  • “Try a dive.. You might just fall inlove with it!” -USMC Veteran John Sullivan
  • “Great program for veterans. Staff is excellent and very professional. They work with you until you fully understand the material. Would highly reccomend.” -USMC Veteran George Carpenter
  • “ I felt so rejuvenated coming out of the pool. Like, I had expectations, but NEVER leaving the water feeling as good as I still do! Beyond my expectations!! If this is how SCUBA makes me feel, the benefits are too great to even list!!!!! –– USMC Veteran Nicholas Ceraldi
  • “I loved SCUBA, it definitely helps deal with anxiety!” -USMC/US Army Veteran Robert Ashton

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